Looking for a unique Mother's Day gift idea?

Give a Childhood Memories Interview Kit and tell your mum that you'd love to capture her memories for years to come.

This beautifully presented Mother's Day gift shows you (or a grandchild) how to video record and edit an interview with a grandparent about their childhood memories. 

How do you create a childhood memories video?

What makes this a great Mother's Day gift is that it's a fun project for your mum and most people really enjoy reminiscing about their childhood years. The added benefit for the entire family is that it captures special memories on video that will be treasured for years to come.

  1. You (or a grandchild aged 11 or over) interviews a grandparent asking questions about his/her childhood.
  2. You are also video recording this interview with your smartphone.
  3. You then edit the video, cutting parts out, adding music and photos to make it very professional.
  4. This video can then be shared with family at home and abroad.

What do you physically give as the Mother's Day gift?

A gift box, containing a professionally designed brochure which explains what is involved in this fun project.  It  also contains approximately 100 questions to help jog your mum's memory.

You could include this gift box with a Mother's Day card saying how much you would love to record her childhood memories to show generations to come.



What do you (or the grandchild if they are doing the interview) receive?

Grandchildren also love this gift because they learn how to edit videos on their smartphone or PC/Mac. Every teenager wants to know how to make videos and be a Youtuber. 

Or, if you, the parent is editing the video you will learn skills that will help you make superb family videos in the future.

When you purchase the Childhood Memories Interview Kit, as well as the beautiful gift box containing the grandchild and grandparent brochures, you will also get access to an online video editing course which shows you step-by-step how to edit the video on a PC or smartphone.  At the point of purchase you will create an account with a username and password which will enable you to login to your account and take your online course.


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